A Small Miracle.

A Small Miracle.

‘Hello Jessica-Land’

Early the next week, following the events on that traumatic Friday, our phone rang.

Renée answered. “Hello, Mrs. Walker, this is the Boise Neuro Clinic calling…” the voice said, “…due to a cancellation, we have an opening sooner than we expected.”

In amazement, Renée struggled to respond.

When we had left the doctor’s office on Friday, December 29, the crisp winter air felt just a little colder, the wind more penetrating, and the night darker than it had ever been. We were full of uncertainty, the unknown was looming, and our little world was sailing into an ever widening orbit. We were struggling with our emotions and doubts and the uncertainty of the situation…

‘What was wrong?’

‘Would Jessica be okay?’

‘Why was this happening?’

Our hearts were full of fear and uncertainty that night, as we returned home emotionally spent. Renée and I agreed, as we talked it over, that waiting for three or maybe as long as six months would be exquisite torture.

The four hour wait we had just endured in the doctor’s waiting room had seemed like an eternity. How would we ever stand it? I remember the feeling of my fear of the unknown. It was so tangible, I could feel it pressing down on us.

GUWJ4_P063.410.15_loresWe turned to Our Faith in God.

Our faith had grown from the first week of our married life thirteen years before, as we started reading the Bible together every night. We weren’t very sophisticated about it. We just started at the front and read all the way to the back.

When we had arrived home that day, we had spent a lot of time on the phone sharing with our little network of friends and we asked them all to pray for us. We needed to see the neurologist now! That was the essence of our prayer request and the word went out, and many people began to pray for us.

“I know this is short notice,” the calm voice continued, “…but could you come this Wednesday morning?” …she paused, waiting for a response.

Renée still couldn’t believe her ears. “You mean this week? …this Wednesday?” She finally said breathlessly.

“Yes. Is that too soon?” said the voice.

“NO! We’ll be there,” Renée answered, “We WILL be there!”

Welcome to ‘Jessica-land.’

Renée hung up the phone in stunned silence. Our prayers had been answered in a very dramatic and merciful way! It seemed too good to be true. Her heart was overflowing with thankfulness and relief. As she went and stood over Jessica’s peacefully sleeping form, with a weak smile, and in a way that only a mother could feel, she thought to herself, ‘We will find out what is wrong and whatever it is, we will fix it, and my baby will be okay…  Jessica will be okay!’

She smiled again, with complete and utter relief.

I am sure that if cellular phones had been invented then, mine would have been ringing off the hook, as I was driving home at that moment. Shortly afterwards I walked in the door and one look at Renée’s face told me something great had happened. It was nothing, really… just a small miracle!

Next Week: “Our Marathon Begins”

I will continue to share the answers to the question “What happened to Jessica?” every Monday in the weeks ahead. When I have received sufficient feedback and questions, I will add a Thursday episode, as needed, to this blog, focused on answering your questions and comments.

Thanks for your interest.

Jim, Renee & Jessica

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