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Prayers from Jessica

Published Date: December 10, 2015

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Prayers from Jessica: Caregiver Promises
A Caregiver’s Guide to God’s Biblical Promises of Comfort and Encouragement.

Book Description:

This is Book 3 in the ‘Growing Up with Jessica’ series.

GUWJ4_P003.410.15_hiresThe original Book, ‘Growing Up with Jessica: A True Story’ was published in 2006 and has been warmly received and has won multiple awards. Now 10 years later the second book in the series, ‘ Lessons from Jessica: Ultimate Caregiving,’ has just been published.That second title and this soon to be released third, grew out of the impact and feedback from the original ‘Growing Up with Jessica.’

In 1978 James Walker and his wife Renée quite unexpectedly began their journey as 24/7 caregivers for their youngest of three children, their daughter Jessica. At first bewildered and confused with their faith stretched to the breaking point, they did eventually find a way to survive and thrive and eventually broke through to discover the unique blessings of caregiving. Or as they came to call it, “…Adventures in Jessica-Land.”

Now in their fourth decade of caregiving and looking back down the path they had traveled they realized they had discovered many truths on their journey which had become wonderful life lessons in how to succeed as longtime caregivers. They describe this achievement as ‘ultimate caregiving.’

Realizing the universal principles they had applied and seeing those same principles in other world famous caregivers, James was inspired to write the next logical book in the series, ‘Lessons from Jessica: Ultimate Caregiving.’

The Sobering Facts:

According to the ‘The National Alliance for Caregiving’ and the ‘AARP U.S. National Alliance for Caregiving,’ there are an estimated 40 to 60 million caregivers in the USA.

The overwhelming majority of these caregivers are non-professionals, they consist of family members and friends. Often times they are thrust into the caregiving role unexpectedly or unwillingly or both. Many struggle to understand and find purpose in their caregiving.

Sharing what we had learned about ‘ultimate caregiving’ to try to help those many caregivers out there, was the inspiration for Lessons from Jessica.’

‘Prayers from Jessica: Caregiver Promises’

This third book in the series answers the questions we are asked everyday, on such topics as: How to deal with faith and affliction. How to keep finding the blessings in heartbreak and joy.

We share our favorite sources of comfort, reassurance and inspiration.

This book is a compilation of the most comforting and inspirational verses we have found helpful and encouraging over the years as well as other inspirational quotes from some of our favorite inspirational sources. The emphasis is on the application of unselfish love to the problem.


This Title will be released in the summer of 2016.

LFJ1_P031.410.15_hiresUnique Features:

• This is Book 3 in the ‘Growing Up with Jessica’ series.

• The author is speaking from experience as a 24/7 hands-on caregiver since 1978.

• The content is directed at the heart and soul of caregivers and their families and friends.

• The principles and steps to successfully achieve ‘ultimate caregiving’ are timeless, universal
and eternal, and applicable to any caregiving situation.

• This book answers the questions we are asked everyday, on such topics as: how to deal with faith and affliction, and finding the blessings in heartbreak and joy. We share our sources of comfort, reassurance and inspiration.

• We are planning now for this book to contain a number of inspirational full color photos.


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FAM012000-Family & Relationships : Parent & Adult Child
FAM028000 Family & Relationships: Learning Disabilities


Dottie McDowell, the wife of International Speaker & Author, Josh McDowell has agreed to review this book and contribute the Foreword. Projected publication date is the summer of 2016.

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