Welcome to Jessica-land

This award winning true story, authored by Jessica's Dad, very clearly and passionately chronicles his family's inspiring adventures in what they came to describe as "Jessica-land".

“I encourage you to read this book because it will touch you, minister to you and my hope is that you will conclude, as I did, that you will become a better person and parent as the result...” - Josh McDowell, Internationally Acclaimed Author/Speaker

Author Info

James Walker is often referred to as the Reluctant Author and is Jessica's daddy. Life changed drastically for Jim and his wife Renee after Jessica was born on her mom's birthday, August 25, 1978. Jim and Renee and their family have successfully grappled with every parent's worst fear since that frosty Halloween night when Renee quietly whispered with tears in her eyes, "...something is wrong with Jessica."

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