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Lessons from Jessica

Published Date: October 8, 2015

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Lessons From Jessica: Ultimate Caregiving
A Longtime Caregiver’s Inspirational Guide to Understanding and Ultimately Succeeding at Caregiving.

Book Description:

GUWJ4_P111.410.15_loresFrom James Walker, the Award Winning Author and Jessica’s Dad.
Walker recounts the lessons learned and truths revealed as a 24/7 caregiver for Jessica since 1978.

Practical time-tested principles found in this ‘caregivers guide’ does show clearly the path to ultimate success. It was written to raise awareness, understanding, and support for ‘caregivers, their families, friends and observers.’ James Walker shares how to breakthrough, highlighting successful concepts and the ‘ultimate privilege’ of providing the life-giving care, for another human soul.

Explained are practical ways to acquire the commitment, endurance, and unselfish love needed to become what he describes as an ‘ultimate caregiver.’ Other topics include, the importance of friendships, personal character development, confidence, the miracle of hope, understanding patience, finding blessings,amazing joy and faith, understanding helplessness, the worth of the human soul, and the privilege of caregiving, all of which adds up to the ‘ultimate caregiving’ experience.

He also weaves into his narrative, insights from the lives of Viktor Frankel, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Josh McDowell & Jesus Christ, along with his own practical life experiences. And also includes simple and practical ways to offer support and encouragement. Anyone reading Walker’s book will be encouraged and inspired by his guide to ‘ultimate caregiving.’


Lessons from Jessica’ was released in November 2015 and has been entered and accepted in several writing and design competitions. The results will be announced during 2016.

GUWJ4_P182.410.15_loresUnique Features:

• This is Book 2 in the ‘Growing Up with Jessica’ series.

• The author is speaking from experience as a 24/7 hands-on caregiver since 1978.

• The content is directed at the heart and soul of caregivers and their families and friends.

• The principles and steps to successfully achieve ‘ultimate caregiving’ are timeless, universal
and eternal, and applicable to any caregiving situation.

• This book is not based on theory but on the real life experiences of the author and other more well known caregivers.

• Notable ‘ultimate caregivers’ cited: Viktor Frankel, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Josh McDowell & Jesus Christ.

• The book contains an entire chapter of ‘Study & Discussion Questions’ for personal or group study and review. Also included in the ‘Appendix’ is a ‘12 Days of Hope’ challenge to action.

• The book contains 22 black and white photos.


FAM033000-Family & Relationships: Children with Special Needs
FAM012000-Family & Relationships: Parent & Adult Child
FAM028000 Family & Relationships: Learning Disabilities

Author Quote:

“…after many years of 24/7 caregiving for our youngest daughter Jessica, the scales finally fell off of our eyes and we beheld the privilege we had been given as caregivers of another human soul. And finally we embraced the joy and blessings of being ‘Ultimate Caregivers.”

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  1. webmaster
    webmaster December 15, 2015 at 8:13 pm .

    Highly recommended by lifelong Pastor and family friend with hands on experience with the Walker family, Harold Antrim. He also contributed the Foreword for ‘Lessons from Jessica,’

    “Who would be more qualified to write about caregiving, for caregivers, than someone whose immediate family has experienced many years of continuous ‘Ultimate Caregiving?’

    There is no one I know who has experienced so many years of ‘Ultimate Caregiving’ and is as capable of expressing it in book form more than James Walker. Also, God has given Jim a concern to help other caregivers. In Jim’s words, his driving motivation is…

    “…to help people cope, survive and thrive when facing an overwhelming affliction such as we faced with little Jessica.”

    Any parent can benefit from ‘Jessica’s Lessons.’ ”

    What do Readers take away from this title?

    “Such an inspiring book! Loved every page. Thank You!”

    “I love the idea. I think it is important to let the caregiver know how much they mean to you
    and that they are loved.”

    “So very true… caregiving is a privilege.”

    “…an easy read that not only held my interest, but entertained me while informing and teaching
    me invaluable information from someone who continues to live these lessons everyday.”

    “Loved having the review questions to reinforce what was read…”

    “I enjoyed the well known examples of Viktor, Agnes, Josh, Annie & Helen, interspersed
    through out… it is very effective how you brought them back into the story…”

    “Beautiful inspiration on JOY!”

    “I want everyone to read this amazing book!”

    “Intertwining your life experiences then linking them to the impact these experiences had on your
    life, path and choices, kept the book real and made the lessons you are sharing more profound and meaningful.”

    “The chapter on ‘unselfish love’ ministered to me greatly…”

    “…I see a readable, helpful book that needs no changes. …I would give you an ‘A’ grade for
    the entire book, including pictures, discussion questions and appendix.”

    “As a ‘caregiver friend’ we wish we could have read this book years ago.”

    “…great info on how an outsider can help & encourage. Sometimes we don’t know…”

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